Double Decker Pet/Pigeon Stroller - TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT

By palomacy



The Palomacy-recommended double-decker pet / pigeon stroller is now available!

The lightweight, foldable double-decker pet stroller frame includes two detachable pet carriers, thoughtfully designed with both an open & a covered area, & each big enough to transport a bonded pair of extra large pigeons in comfort & safety. Stroller features include wheel brakes, cup holders & a covered compartment to hold treat seeds, pigeon pants or whatnot.

Specially created by friends of Palomacy to benefit Palomacy! 
Dark Blue with Palomacy's logo - all profits go to Palomacy /
Some assembly required (see video below)
Each assembled carrier is 21" x 13" x 14"
(Each is big enough for 2 bonded pigeons or doves, or a cat, small dog or rabbit up to 12 pounds.) 
Shipping box dimensions 18" x 6.5" x 32"